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"Oliverio" Mailing List

The Oliverio Family Rock Band is happy to announce that they have finished their 2nd CD
called " All of Me".
The band loves its original compositions but they love playing at festivals around the country.  At these events they perform three complete sets of cover tunes as well as their original tunes.
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Go to judyann's Site (click on picture)
Go to Judyann(music manager/promoter at Broadjam
Judyann (mgr) with Anton & Channel 2 team

To go to find out more about Judyann Dolce and her music promotion, please go to link:                        
Please Note:
Judyann was in a car accident back in August 06.  Due to her injury, she has had to put her future projects on hold.  Please feel free to still contact her . Our best wishes for her recovery.

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