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Dane Oliverio

Dane over the years has developed into a talented bass player, as well as a phenominal singer.
Dane Oliverio has been performing since he was only a youngster.  He always was fascinated by his father as a musician and wanted to emulate his style and diversity. 
Dane believes hard work is necessary to achieve and he
has kept a serious attitude in his bass playing.

Go to broadjam. com to hear Dane's vocals.
Dane Oliverio is the bassist of the band

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dane is the lead singer of the band

oliverio band with Dane Oliverio on lead vocals singing "Coming Home" by "Daughtry"copyright 2007

Oliverio Band with Dane Oliverio on lead vocals"Its Not Over" by Daughtry copyright 2007

Dane has been creating his own original bass leads.  He enjoys the styles of many great bassists like that of Billy Sheehan.

Dane has fun on motorcycle
Dane's hobby is motorcross

Dane has accomplished so much in the past few years.
He takes pride in the vocal range of many of his favorite
tunes including that of Bon Jovi.
Dane sings "My Heart Is On The Line"
Dane is lead singer and bassist of the family band.

Dane takes pride in singing Bon Jovi as well as a few Beatles tunes.  His range is unique.  Dane loves doing barber shop quartet.  he appreciates all styles of music from rock to country, from alternative to blues.  Dane keeps a strong conviction to making the band really "stand out".

Go to hear Dane sing
Go to Broadjam to hear dane on bass
Go to Broadjam to hear Dane on vocals & bass

Dane Oliverio was a finalist in the Amherst Teen Idol Contest in 2006.  He takes pride in singing songs from all eras as well as mastering harmonies.

Dane & Anton in their earlier years in performing
Dane & Anton performances at 8 & 13 years old

Anton , 9 yrs old, & Dane at 14 yrs old
Dane & Anton at 14 & 9 yrs old with  Les Ralston
Anton & Dane with Professional Boxer Les Ralston

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Dane has been writing lyrics for new songs.

Stay tuned for future update from Dane.